InterConsulting Group is focused on providing four distinct value propositions to clients:

1)            Sophisticated Strategic Consulting

2)            Top-tier Service

3)            Suitable and Transparent Fees

4)            Subject Matter Expertise

These four areas of focus have set InterConsulting Group apart from most advisory firms in Mongolia. We pride ourselves on providing better experience for our partners, clients and it starts from the very first time we meet with prospective clients. We seek to gain a full understanding of that individual and business’s unique circumstances. The deeper understanding of our clients’ need and objectives gives us an advantage in serving our clients effectively. This relationship is supported by a four value propositions:

Sophisticated Strategic Consulting 

Our consulting philosophy and platform is truly client-oriented and world standard. We integrate the very best that financial and strategic sciences have to offer in building world-class successful services.

Top-Tier Service

Providing high quality service is the most important aspect of our business.  First and foremost, we are always accessible to our clients.  Our system of constant client meetings and performance reviews from them insures that we are always informed of changes in our clients’ lives.  Staying in close contact with our clients enables us to provide meaningful and proactive advice to clients in a timely manner.

Suitable and Transparent Fees

We strive to provide excellent service at a suitable and transparent price. There’s nothing more important than accuracy when it comes to billing clients and thus we bill only for services we have provided.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team is experienced, well-credentialed, and most of all, serves our clients with high business integrity in mind.  Our consulting managers have years of experience in their special expertise. That enables us to move forward faster than any other local competitors.